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From the G20 Summit to the World TourismOrganization meeting, Kalerm automatic coffee machine does n

2017-09-18 14:26


(General Assembly of the United NationsWorld Tourism Organization)

Recently, as the highest standard meetingof the international tourism industry, the 22nd General Assembly of the UnitedNations World Tourism Organization was held in Chengdu, and the commercialautomatic coffee machine brand - Kalerm appeared to provide freshly groundcoffee for friends from all over the world.


(Business reception commercial automaticcoffee machine -- Kalerm)

Strength to serve large conferences

The General Assembly of the United NationsWorld Tourism Organization held in Chengdu has played a positive role inpromoting the development of global tourism and strengthening internationaltourism exchanges and cooperation. The same model that served the World TourismOrganization conference also appeared in the 2016 Hangzhou G20 Summit,providing freshly ground coffee for national leaders and important businesspeople from all over the world; In the meeting room of the "Belt andRoad" International Business Summit Forum, there are also Kalerm automaticcoffee machines; The Embassy of Brazil, Indonesia and other countries of originof coffee beans in China can see the Kalerm automatic coffee machine ChinaRed... Business freshly ground coffee service for a series of large conferencesreflects the high quality of Kalome freshly ground automatic coffee machines.


(Commercial automatic coffee machine patent-- Kalerm)

Independent research and development,quality control, deserve the name

Kalerm has an independent research anddevelopment team, well aware of consumers' demands for coffee machines,focusing on the research and development of automatic Italian coffee machines, Kalermautomatic coffee machines have more than 100 patents, and in 2013 won theGerman Red Dot Award, China Red Star Award and a series of scientific andtechnological awards, and continue to create a happy and beautiful experiencefor consumers coffee.


(Commercial automatic coffee machine brand-- Kalerm 1601Pro)

The service system is perfect, occupyingvarious occasions all over the country

In China, Kalerm automatic coffee machinehas 55 service outlets in the core cities of China, for Kalerm, standing in theuser's perspective, to bring users a cup of freshly ground coffee, is thesource of continuous progress of Kalerm. It has now become the automatic coffeemachine for hotel coffee machine, office coffee machine, conference salon,business reception and other business occasions; At the same time, Kalerm isalso in convenience stores, coffee shops, milk tea shops and other commercialautomatic coffee machine brands.

Sell overseas, do not forget the originalheart

In line with the original intention of"creating the happiness and beautiful experience of coffee for consumersto the greatest extent", Kalerm focuses on the fresh ground automaticcoffee machine, which has been sold to more than 40 countries overseas, and haslong-term cooperation with some well-known brands at home and abroad.

From the G20 Summit to the General Assemblyof the United Nations World Tourism Organization, Kalerm is committed tobecoming "China's most professional coffee equipment and the best coffeeproducts enterprise" commercial automatic coffee machine brand, willcontinue to adhere to the mission, do not forget the original heart. We arelooking forward to more surprises from the new products of Kalerm.